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September’s Skin Care Secret?


A moisturizer that nourishes the deepest layers of your skin. Our lightweight formula keeps skin hydrated all day long and visibly evens out fine lines and wrinkles. Discover our bestselling AQUA INTENSE Supreme Moisturizer – it’s what your skin desires.

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M. Asam
3 Product Reviews
M. Asam

AQUA INTENSE Supreme Moisturizer

3 Product Reviews

Intense Moisturizer with Hyaluronic Acid

  • Vegan & perfume-free formula suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin

  • 100% Free of: Parabens, Mineral Oil, Talc , Fragrance

  • Provides intense moisture during the day and at night

  • Contains a hyaluronic acid complex

  • Targets fine lines & wrinkles caused by dryness

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Art-Nr.: 41795
Content: 1.69 fl.oz.
Estimated Delivery Date 9/24/2022


AQUA INTENSE Supreme Moisturizer is formulated with a patented hyaluronic acid complex that delivers a 3-fold effect: smooths immediately, plumps up from the deeper layers of skin and provides long-lasting moisture through a reservoir. This unique technology allows hyaluronic acid to be transported deeper into the skin than usual and combines with escin to help inhibit the degradation of hyaluronic acid, so that it can have the most optimal effect on your skin. Say good-bye to dryness and roughness, and hello to supremely hydrated skin.

Our unique, vegan formula that intensely hydrates even the deepest layers of skin is never tested on animals. The silky consistency absorbs quickly and leaves skin noticeably plumper and firmer for longer - up to 5-days of continual moisture!

All raw materials are carefully selected and strictly tested regarding quality, origin, and tolerability. With AQUA INTENSE® we have succeeded in making the No. 1 active ingredient "hyaluronic acid” even more effective. Your secret to youthful and plump looking skin.

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Delivery within 2 - 6 business days

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