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One of the products we're most proud of? Definitely, our bestselling MAGIC FINISH MAKE-UP MOUSSE. It's the all-time favorite 4-in-1 product that has made its way to our customers' hearts in less than a minute! This product does hold the exact same unique formula as our Classic Magic Finish Mousse - The only difference: a timeless Snake-look packaging. Go get your hands on this Limited Edition while it's still in stock!

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M. Asam
3 Product Reviews
M. Asam

MAGIC FINISH Make-up Mousse Snake Edition

3 Product Reviews

Even Complexion In One Minute!

  • Limited special edition - Snake-look packaging

  • Vegan formula based on natural minerals

  • 100% Free of: Parabens, Talc, Phthalates

  • Adapts to most light-to-medium skin tones

  • Conceals dark circles & mattifies complexion

  • 4-in-1 product: primer, foundation, concealer, powder

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Art-Nr.: 43356
Content: 1.01fl.oz.
Estimated Delivery Date 9/24/2022

The goal: effortlessly flawless appearance?

The way to it: MAGIC FINISH Make-Up Mousse Snake Edition. It's as simple as that. The 4-in-1 formula means primer, foundation, concealer, and powder are done in one easy step that leaves skin looking radiant and natural all day long. The silky, mousse-like texture applies easily and leaves your skin looking flawless, and mattified. The contained pigments automatically adjust to most light-to-medium skin tones. Looking for a color-less alternative? PERFECT ME has got you covered.

This product is based on a vegan formula which is 100% free of: Parabens, Talc, Phthalates.For very light, or deeper tones, we recommend the Magic Finish Perfect Me Transparent Make Up. Both products are perfect for a quick touch-up throughout the day!

All raw materials are carefully selected and strictly tested in regard to quality origin, and tolerability. NO ANIMAL TESTING is carried out. MAGIC FINISH offers easy-to-use beauty products with multiple benefits and top quality.

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Easy & Secure Payment

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Delivery within 2 - 6 business days

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30 Day Return Policy