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Winter facts: Our tips on a radiant complexion

While nature has put on its white coat and we curl up in our homes, snuggled up on the couch watching our favorite series or sipping a hot chocolate by the fireplace, our skin is also in urgent need of the right care. Different factors can be the cause of dry skin such as the icy temperature and the warm air of our heaters.

Find out what helps your skin get back its natural glow and radiant complexion even during the depths of winter.

1. Be gracious!

While light skincare products may have been fine for you this summer, rich creams are now the way to go. Products with a high percentage of water can surely freeze on your skin when exposed to cold air and as a matter of fact, dry it out.

So why not switch from AQUA INTENSE day cream to VITAMIN C rich day cream, also by M. Asam? For even better effectiveness, try and combine several products, in particular by deciding to apply a serum beforehand and see how it works wonders! Another tip: leave your 24-hour skincare products behind and combine night cream and day cream to regenerate your skin and moisturize it in depth.

2. Get glowy!

With the arrival of winter, the skin loses its radiance. There is nothing like a face mask to boost your skin. Moisturizing, smoothing, purifying or even firming, you are spoiled with choices. To maximize the effects, take the time to fully enjoy this moment and treat yourself to a real relaxation cure: slip into a warm bath, light some candles, pick up your favorite book, breathe in, breathe out, let yourself be carried away...

3. Get your color back!

Is last summer's tan just a distant memory? In light of the grayness, your complexion is dull and pale? Don't you worry! We all do our best to make a happy and healthy appearance. In our opinion, the best way to do so is going for a tinted day cream like RESVERATROL PREMIUM NT50 by M. Asam or the MAGIC FINISH Make-up Mousse. Two classics that won't disappoint you.

Its vegan formula makes small miracles come true– it matches almost all light-to-medium skin tones and leaves the skin looking radiant and natural.

Finish it up with our Satin Blush Peachy Rose for an additional splash of color on your cheekbones: Those products will bring back your good looks and good mood for sure!

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30 Day Return Policy