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Self Care Routine

Self-care has never been as important as it is in these tough times that we live in today. We probably have never had to spend so much time in our homes by ourselves yet taking care of oneself and taking actual quality time with oneself still seems to be cut short especially since for many the home as transformed into an office, making work available and possible 24/7. Therefore, we have compiled the perfect self-care routine to pamper and treat yourself – You deserve it!

So, before putting on your lounge wear or even before a special event, indulge in our products from top to bottom.

For more specific information on actual skin care please visit the skin care guide below.

Skin Care Routine
Treat Yourself

In our opinion, the best possible way to treat yourself and show yourself some love is an at home spa day or evening which will provide you with all the feel-good benefits of a real spa visit but out of the comfort of your own home.

Below we have listed products that can make this happen.

1. First, run yourself a warm bath or take a nice long warm shower using your favorite from our bath and shower products.

2. While doing so it is recommended to use a scrub or exfoliant in order to remove any residues and dead skin cells on your body, leaving it clean and smooth.

3. Now that your skin has been prepped and cleaned, it is ready to fully absorb any body creams or butters and reap the benefits the respective product provides.

4. When applying lotion to your body, don't forget your hands and feet and treat them exclusively since certain body products could be too heavy and inconvenient for those parts.

5. Lastly you can apply a face mask or use an ampoules treatment to also show you face some love and give it a rest.

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Exfoliants & Scrubs
Body Creams
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Easy & Secure Payment

Delivery within  -  business days

Delivery within 2 - 6 business days

30 Day Return Policy

30 Day Return Policy