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Everyday is Make-Up Day

Your time to shine is right now! Enhance your natural beauty with make-up looks created with products by M.Asam. Whether it's just a natural-looking touch-up or a glamorous full-face of make-up look. Anything is possible and everything is beautiful. Our MAGIC FINISH cosmetic line has got everything a beauty lovers heart needs to create the look of his or her dreams!

The 'No-Make-Up' Make-Up Look

We're all here for a naturally beautiful appearance! That's what asambeauty is about. Highlighting your own natural beauty and loving yourself the way you are! You want something more subtle and low-key? We suggest going for the so called 'no make-up make-up look'. The best way to enhance your own features in an effortless way!

For a doll's complexion that glows with naturalness, proceed in only 2 steps:

1) First, apply MAGIC FINISH Make-Up Mousse on top of your day cream or serum, adjusting the amount according to the desired coverage. You can apply this product with a brush (method recommended by our professional makeup artists), a sponge or with your fingers.

This 4-in-1 product not only works as a primer but also conceals any irritating fine lines and wrinkles leaving a perfect appearing complexion.

2) Finish it off with our MAGIC FINISH SATIN BRONZER. You can apply it evenly over the entire face to enhance your complexion, or to specific areas (cheekbones, forehead, chin, bridge of the nose) to give texture to your face.

Tip: For an even more natural look: use our bestselling PERFECT TEINT cream which instantly mattifies and evens out your complexion without adding any color to it!

The Eyes

3) Take the MAGIC FINISH Eyeshadow & Blush Palette No. 2 - This palette includes four warm colors, all rich in color intensity.

First apply the apricot eyeshadow on the moving eyelid. After that, apply the matte coffee eyeshadow flush with the lower and upper lashes to highlight your eyes.

4) Finish it off with one of our legendary MAGIC FINISH Mascaras - Use our innovative brush technology applying the products from the root to the tip of the lashes until the desired result is achieved.

Tip: For an extra pop of color apply our bestselling MAGIC FINISH Volume Lipbalm adding a natural plumping and coloring effect to your lips.

The chic look!

Special occasions require special looks! And we're going all out on this one. This look perfectly contrasts glamorous eye makeup on one hand, and natural lips and complexion on the other. Its special feature? A peachy complexion, a dramatic look and luscious lips.

Put yourself in the spotlight you deserve!

1) First, apply our MAGIC FINISH Make-Up Mousse as described in our previous look.

2) Using the No. 3 SATIN EYESHADOW Palette, draw a color gradient that highlights the crease of the eyelid with the golden hazelnut shade to intensify the look.

The goal of this look: fresh skin and an overall elegant look.

3) Now switch to our MIRACLE EYELINER Pen and draw a line across your upper lash line. Thicken the line towards the outer corner of the eye as desired to create a more intense look.

4) Time to lengthen your lashes! Apply the MAGIC FINISH Volume Mascara in a gentle zigzag motion at the base of the lashes for an extreme lengthening and volumizing effect.

5) Afterwards: apply the SATIN Blush, highlighting the cheekbones to provide an instant healthy glowing effect.

6) Last but not least, put on MAGIC FINISH SATIN lipstick to give your lips an intense color with a matte finish. Start in the center of the lips, then drag it towards the edges and repeat the application as needed.

Here you go - Put yourself in the spotlight you deserve!

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Easy & Secure Payment

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30 Day Return Policy