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How to get rid of impurities

It’s important to try and prevent your skin from breaking out in the first place. Develop your personal skin care routine and take care of blemishes when or even before they slowly begin to appear.

This is what you should keep in mind:

1. Do not touch your face: There are bacteria on your hands that can easily cause inflammation and irritation of your skin.

2. Stay hydrated: Your skin needs plenty of fluids. Ideally you should drink 2 cups of water in the morning to nourish your skin from the inside.

3. Nutrition: Focus on eating a healthy & balanced diet. Especially fruits, vegetables & whole grains can help you with that.

4. Special tools: Use a mild cleansing gel to intensively clean your pores without stripping the skin of moisture.

5. Water temperature: Wash your face with lukewarm water. Hot water dries out your skin, whereas too cold water does not open up your pores.

6. Care: Use a moisturizing day cream afterwards and apply it on your face and neck to keep your skin hydrated.


What’s the right skin care against impurities?

Everyone knows them – everyone has got them: Pimples and blackheads! It is important to choose the right skin care routine with products that fit your individual skin needs.

Our 4-Step Skin Care Routine

STEP 1: CLEAR SKIN Cleansing Gel

  • Massage in & rinse off with lukewarm water

  • Cleanses deep into pores & clarifies the skin texture

  • Removes excess sebum, make-up & impurities

  • Refines skin texture & prevents new pimples

  • Perfect for combination skin, oily skin & blemished skin

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STEP 2: CLEAR SKIN Clarifying Tonic

  • Apply with cotton pad and do not wash off

  • Regulates sebum production & cleanses deep into the pores

  • Optimal for use before the usual face cream

  • For combination, oily & blemish-prone skin, as well as sensitive & delicate skin

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STEP 3: CLEAR SKIN 24h effective Cream

  • Gently massage in after cleansing

  • Has a calming & anti-inflammatory effect

  • Helps with skin hydration & refreshed skin complexion

  • Can help diminish the appearance of impurities

  • For oily, impure and combination skin

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STEP 4: CLEAR SKIN Cleansing-Mask

  • Use 1 -2 times per week. Apply, leave to act and then soak off with lukewarm water

  • With healing mud for naturally beautiful skin

  • Helps skin texture look smooth and firm

  • Fights the appearance of pimples, blemished and is known for minimizing pores

  • Re-balances combination and dirty skin

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The right skin care is a question of skin type

Normal Skin

Ideally wash your face twice a day.  Either use a mild washing gel or a cleansing mousse. Both are great for maintaining the natural moisture-balance of your skin.

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Dry Skin

If you have dry skin, moisturizing as well as mildly cleansing products are the way to go! In that case we’d recommend using a cleansing milk.

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Sensitive Skin

This skin type works best with cleansing products especially made for sensitive skin. It is best to use products with innovative micellar technology so that make-up and dirt particles can be removed as gently as possible without irritating the skin.

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Impure Skin

If you tend to have blemished skin, you should implement a combination of heavily grained peelings as well as toner into your skin care routine. It helps to remove all the dead skin or leftover make-up that may have remained on your skin. It can help give your complexion a smooth and fresh appearance.

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Combination Skin

A washing scrub can be the best way to nourish combination skin. Exfoliating particles can help to reduce dry skin and cleanse deeply into the pores. Daily facial cleansing is perfectly sufficient.

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Mature skin

After a certain age, the needs of your skin change considerably. It becomes increasingly difficult for your skin to retain moisture and maintain its usual elasticity. In this case, you should use mild cleansing products and be sure to use intensively moisturizing skincare afterwards.

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