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When and How to start with What Skin Care? The Best Products for Every Age

When does skin aging begin?

Naturally, our body is constantly reproducing cells. This cell activity slowly starts decreasing from the age of 25 and onwards, which in turn slows down the renewal of skin cells. Therefore, over time, skin ages and, slowly loses its elasticity, which leads to the formation of the first lines & wrinkles. Natural aging is influenced by three components:

  • Our Genes

  • External Influences (e.g. UV Exposure)

  • Personal Lifestyle

A healthy lifestyle, appropriate skin care, and sun protection can slow down the aging process. Here you can find all the necessary information about when respective products are useful to prevent skin aging or reduce the signs of aging. Important: Everyone’s skin is different. Our tips are solely meant as a general guideline. Please always take your individual skin concerns and needs into consideration.

In your 20s, skin doesn’t lack firmness just yet, so it’s important not to overwhelm it with rich anti-aging formulas. However, skin does in fact start storing less moisture after the age of 20. In this case, light-weight skin care is ideal to counteract this. In addition, appropriate protection is important at a young age, since this will preserve the youthful radiance of the skin longer. We recommend a moisturizing day formula, paired with a product containing SPF. Depending on your skin type, it can be more beneficial to use a light serum instead of a rich cream.

Starting in your 30s, when first lines become more visible, you might want to opt for skincare that’s a bit richer. Depending on the skin type, lightweight products with retinol, hyaluronic acid or vitamin C are recommended. As a general rule, the more intensive the anti-aging effect, the richer the product will be. Your skin needs heavier-weight skin care if it feels “tight” shortly after applying a cream. You should add a serum to your routine and apply as advised for a boost in radiance. You can even extend your routine by adding a nighttime skincare routine. The skin will slowly become more demanding and may show slight signs of fatigue in the form of slight swelling, irritation, or unwanted pigmentation.

In your 40s, your skin will become more demanding. Due to a natural decrease in the production of collagen and elastin, and reduced blood circulation, the skin tends to become drier, leaving your complexion more dull and tired looking. We recommend using products with collagen & resveratrol to further prevent wrinkles and promote firmness.

In your 50s, changes in hormones can cause sudden changes in your skin. The sebaceous glands produce less fat due to the decreasing estrogen levels, leaving skin drier and tighter. Rich anti-aging products containing nourishing oils help to reduce visible signs of wrinkles and provide intense moisture.

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    Easy & Secure Payment

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    Delivery within 2 - 6 business days

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    30 Day Return Policy