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Beauty secrets, tips & more! Discover a variety of daily topics combined in our blog!

Everyday is Make-Up Day

Your time to shine is right now! Enhance your natural beauty with make-up looks created with products by M.Asam. Whether it's just a natural-looking touch-up or a glamorous full-face of make-up look. Our MAGIC FINISH cosmetic line has got everything a beauty lovers heart needs to create the look of his or her dreams!

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What's your skintype?

Our physical appearance in fact is one of the most frequent concerns that follows us day by day. Trying to make the right impression and appearing neat and confident is a goal, which everyone of us tries to achieve. But where do we start and what steps need to be taken, to achieve the best version of ourselves?

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Products for every age

Over time, skin ages, slowly loses its elasticity, and forms the first lines & wrinkles. Natural aging is influenced by three components. Find out what those are and what is the best way to protect your skin from aging too fast! This is your needed guide to shop by age:

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Find your skin care routine

You do not know what to use and when to use it? - Then this is guide is for you! Before choosing any specific products, we would like to ensure that you treat your skin as good as possible. Therefore, we would like to inform you on the main steps to a complete and bullet proof skin care routine.

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The secret of youthful skin

A powerful weapon against wrinkles, hyaluronic acid works miracles. Where does it come from, what effects does it have on your skin and how important is it in the world of cosmetics? An overview with Melanie Benker, research and development manager at asambeauty.

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Vegan cosmetics

The term "vegan cosmetics" refers to products that do not include any ingredients derived from animal substances. We are proud to say that the majority of products we offer are in fact vegan. Nonetheless, there are a few products that are not vegan, which include ingredients like beeswax and propolis since they are commonly known to have beneficial properties for the skin.

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Cosmetics close to nature

Problematic ingredients are increasingly replaced with plant-based substances which are referred to as cosmetics close to nature. Products offered at asambeauty are also 100% free of mineral oils, parabens, kerosenes, aluminum salts and solid microplastic particles. In the following, we would like to introduce you to products from our range that include at least 95% ingredients of natural origin.

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Magic Finish Make-Up Mousse

The amazing mousse texture is the result of a successful collaboration between our international research and development department and our on-site production experts. Innovative high-tech raw materials have been combined with our specially developed production technology, resulting in the unique application experience that characterizes our Magic Finish Make-up Mousse. 

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Winter tips: Glowy complexion

While nature has put on its white coat and we curl up in our homes, snuggled up on the couch watching our favorite series or sipping a hot chocolate by the fireplace, our skin is also in urgent need of the right care. Different factors can be the cause of dry skin such as the icy temperature and the warm air of our heaters.

Find out what helps your skin get back its natural glow and radiant complexion even during the depths of winter.

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Winter struggle: Cracked lips

Imagine this: Outside, the cold is raging. Inside, the heaters are turned up. Getting cozy is what counts, but the costs are our lips! The result: dried out skin. So what can we possibly do to get them all moistured and soft again? Rehydration isn't that easy but we'll help you find the best products and natural treatments that will bring back your tenderness.

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Preventing dark circles

Long nights, unhealthy food decisions and lack of sleep – those three components mostly are the cause of dark circles and under eye bags. But aside from that, dark bags can simply be genetically determined. Find out what causes puffy eyes and dark circles and follow our tips and tricks on how to effectively minimize the appearance of dark circles and unwanted under eyes bags.

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Instant effect products

If you are looking for a quick and easy solution to optimize your skin whether that be erasing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, blurring the appearance of enlarged pores or leaving your skin looking lifted and firm then the following products are exactly what you need. Look fresh and optimized without having to apply any actual makeup!

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Get rid of impurities

Everyone knows them – everyone has got them: Pimples and blackheads! It is important to choose the right skin care routine with products that fit your individual skin needs. Try and prevent your skin from breaking out in the first place. Develop your personal skin care routine and take care of blemishes when or even before they slowly begin to appear. This is what you should keep in mind:

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