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The RESVERATROL PREMIUM NT50 skincare line with the patent-pending Resveratrol Premium Complex and NT50® Navigation Technology, specifically activates youth-enzymes of the skin. 

  • Cross-linked hyaluronic acid binds moisture

  • Provides an immediately plump & smooth looking skin

  • NT50® navigation technology has been shown to increase cell activity by up to 50%*

  • The appearance of fine lines & wrinkles is minimized & collagen synthesis is boosted

  • 30 Day Return Policy - ideal for testing

M. Asam
2 Product Reviews
M. Asam


2 Product Reviews

Anti -aging powerhouse moisturizer with rejuvenating resveratrol

  • Highly Concentrated Resveratrol helps lift and firm skin while releasing 'youth enzymes' against skin sagging

  • NT50® Navigation Technology delivers ingredients to the deepest layers of skin for the most potent effects

  • Idealift ™ stimulates the build up of elastin in the skin

  • Argan oil, shea butter, Plant-based squalene all nourish and support a healthy skin barrier

  • Free of: Parabens, Ethanolamine, Phthalates, Triclosan, Sulfates, Mineral Oil

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Art-Nr.: 41953
Content: 1.69 fl.oz.
Estimated Delivery Date 9/24/2022

RESERVATROL PREMIUM LIFTING CREAM uses highly concentrated resveratrol and a special lifting peptide to firm and smooth skin from the inside out.

Using our proprietary NT50 navigation technology, ingredients are delivered into the deepest layers of skin for maximum benefits​.

 *Ext. panel, 30 participants, age 40-70, 2 weeks, 2x per day, May 19

How does it work?

  • Skincare needsAnti-Wrinkle, Moisturizing, Lifting & Tightening, Firming, Luminosity

  • Cross-linked hyaluronic acid for intensely moisturized skin

  • Smooth, replenished & youthfully radiant-looking skin

Who should use it?

  • Skin type: mature skin, dry skin, normal skin

  • Ideal as all-year-round skincare for skin from the age of 35+

  • Healing Treatment, SOS-care for visible signs of skin aging

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Easy & Secure Payment

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Delivery within 2 - 6 business days

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30 Day Return Policy