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M. AsamVarious Skin Care Lines with Effective Active Ingredients

Our Philosophy

Nature is full of secrets. The conviction that effective ingredients can be found in almost every plant was crucial for the intensive research on grapevines.

You Are Beautiful

We combine the best technology with nature and therefore develop high quality products out of deep passion for beauty.

M. Asam Skin Care Lines


COLLAGEN LIFT containing lupine extract (plant-based collagen booster), soy isoflavones and plum kernel oil supports firm contours, resilience, and elasticity.

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MAGIC FINISH offers easy-to-use beauty products with multiple benefits and top quality.

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RESVERATROL PREMIUM NT50 uses the Resveratrol Premium Complex and NT50® Navigation Technology to specifically activate youth enzymes in the skin.

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CLEAR SKIN targets impurities and is therefore known to improve the skin’s appearance with regular use.

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VITAMIN C offers innovative skin care with the Vitamin C Gold Complex & Superfoods for an absolutely new dimension of effectiveness.

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VINO GOLD® is based on effective age-defying ingredients retrieved from grapes and combines these with a variety of plant extracts and vitamins.

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AQUA INTENSE® has succeeded to make the No. 1 active ingredient "hyaluronic acid" known for smoothed and plump looking skin even more effective.

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RETINOL INTENSE offers highly effective age-defying ingredients for sensitive, mature, and dry skin and is known for its rejuvenating properties.

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VINOLIFT® is a high-tech age-defying skin care line with a high-quality active ingredient complex for demanding & mature skin.

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SKIN HEROES offer products that can be combined with all other products found on asambeauty.

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Marcus Asam, Founder & CEO

„We provide products that effectively support and enhance the unique beauty of each customer – meeting diverse and individual skin care requirements. “

— Marcus Asam

M. Asam Best Sellers
Active Ingredients

At asambeauty we combine the best natural active ingredients with sophisticated high-tech active ingredients - natural & highly effective.

Discover a small selection of our highly effective active ingredients below.

Hyaluronic Acid

Hyaluronan (Hyaluronic Acid) is a natural component of the skin and makes it look beautifully plump and smooth

Hyaluronic Acid


In skin care and cosmetics resveratrol helps protect from external stress and therefore supports a youthful glow



Collageneer® is known to promote natural collagen synthesis and visibly improve skin elasticity



Retinol (Vitamin A) is one of the best-studied age-defying ingredients & helps provide firm skin

Quality Made in Germany

High Quality Products Made In Germany

Asambeauty comprises an effective and contemporary beauty range suitable from head to toe. This includes above-average customer-oriented product innovations, the highest quality standards, and premium active ingredients.

Our Promise

Asambeauty stands for high-quality cosmetics made in Germany. In our in-house research and development laboratory, products with the best active ingredients are designed for maximum effect and highest tolerability. These are then manufactured in the family owned production facility in Bavaria.

Research & Development

Tradition since 1963

Asambeauty has evolved immensely over time. In this journey we have always remained true to our values and promises to customers, partners, and employees.

Own Research & Development

In cooperation with renowned scientists, we develop innovative textures and test them regarding skin feel, tolerance, effectiveness, and application, right up until market entry in our in-house research and development laboratory. The raw materials used are selected with great care and strictly tested.

Best of Nature & Technology

Plant Based & Modern Active Ingredients

We pursuit the hybrid-cosmetic-approach of natural and highly effective products in our in-house laboratory on a daily basis. Our customers appreciate the unique interaction of plant-based and state-of-the-art high-tech active ingredients.

US Resource-Saving


Sustainability, resource conservation, respectful and fairness are firmly anchored in our corporate culture. Asambeauty stands for and sticks to these values out of genuine conviction.

No Animal Testing

The majority of our products are vegan, as we do not use any ingredients derived from animal substances. Our products have not been and will not be tested on animals. Furthermore, animal testing for cosmetics has been prohibited in the EU since 2013.

Production Facilities

In-house Production Facilities

We benefit from the many years of experience of our employees. Production processes are continuously adjusted to ensure the quality of our products.

Our Production Facilities

Products you can buy at asambeauty are produced in Beilngries and Steinach. We also obtain grape commodities from the family's own production in Landau in the Palatinate. Our products come from one source.

Further Questions

Do you have a question? Find all the answers to the most frequently asked questions in our F.A.Q.

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Easy & Secure Payment

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30 Day Return Policy