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An entrepreneur with a passion for beauty and tradition!

Making use of his extensive knowledge and experience in the research and development of effective ingredients, has been what made it so easy for Marcus to dedicate his whole heart and passion to developing new skincare and make-up concepts. In addition to that, the support of his wife, Mirjam, has been a constant source of inspiration and motivation for him as well. Taking their steps towards entrepreneurship together as a team - starting in 2003 up until now - made them bring out the best of M. Asam until this very day.

Mirjam Asam inspires women all over the world to feel better and more beautiful with their skincare products. Drawing new energy and strength from her creative activities as a businesswoman and her passion and love for her family, she has had a huge impact on the development of further innovative skincare ranges. Combining her expectations and needs with the knowledge of renowned scientists, chemists, and products managers, the two of them began making a name of themselves, being regarded as experts in the field of skincare and cosmetics.

10 Questions with Marcus Asam
Hybrid Cosmetics

At asambeauty, we follow the so-called 'hybrid cosmetics' approach, meaning that we focus on using natural and highly effective products in our in-house laboratory as much as possible. Relying on natural ingredients is our way to make sure that our customers get maximum effectiveness and, above all, maximum compatibility of our products. The combination of care and beauty is fulfilled within our make-up line MAGIC FINISH - which makes most of our customer's beauty dreams come true. We are more than proud to present a range of easy-to-use beauty products with multi utilization suitable for all skin types & ages. 

What are hybrid cosmetics?

'Hybrid', in terms of cosmetics, refers to a mixture of different active ingredients typically found in skincare, bundled with make-up in one product. By using different technologies, the individual product benefits are combined, complemented, and expanded to create an even more effective product that suits your skin's personal needs.

What are the benefits of hybrid cosmetics?

First of all, you get to save a few minutes a day by only using one product and combining different steps of your make-up routine. Believe it or not, there's a quick and easy way to make your skin appear flawless within a minute! We got you covered with THE one and only 4-in-1 Make-Up Mousse by our MAGIC FINISH cosmetics line. Of course, we rely on innovative technologies and unique formulations to make the magic happen. Are you curious yet?

Second of all: There are a few more of these little miracle jars! Discover our Perfect Me transparent Make-Up or our Perfect Teint instant optimizing cream which will both give you a visibly perfect complexion!

These products will lighten your toiletry bag so you can travel light and beautiful. Their results? A radiant, even appearing complexion and long-lasting wear due to formulas that match nearly every skin tone. Hyaluronic acid, precious oils, natural waxes, Monoi butter and vitamin E complete the products and care for your precious skin. You don't have to spend hours in the bathroom, beautiful!

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Cosmetics by asambeauty are already being sold in more than 50 countries. M. Asam®. Products such as MAGIC FINISH Make-up Mousse, PERFECT TEINT, RESVERATROL PREMIUM NT50 Essence of Youth as well as our skin care lines VINO GOLD®, AQUA INTENSE®, VINOLIFT® and COLLAGEN LIFT are among the best sellers. In addition, selected products from the brands FLORA MARE, 4EVER YOUNG und ahuhu are conquering the international cosmetic world. Be part of our asambeauty community - We're all here for your individual beauty and lifestyle!

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