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Summer Break over – summer tan, on!

We’re still feeling those summer vibes and a healthy, recharged mindset. Let’s make it last, even though we’re in back-to-school mode now!

What better way is there to go than keeping your make-up game strong with some holy grail magic finish products by asambeauty – making ourselves feel invincible and gorgeous! Because, you know what? We’ve all got that one school crush we want to impress, even though we won’t admit it… and even if the only thing you’re focused on is self-love… that’s even more reason to treat yourself to an effortless-looking glow. You deserve it!

M. Asam

MAGIC FINISH Perfect Me Transparent Make-Up

4 Product Reviews
M. Asam

MAGIC FINISH Perfect Me Transparent Make-Up

4 Product Reviews

Perfect No-Make-Up-Look for a flawless appearing complexion

  • 4-in-1 transparent Make-up with glow-booster

  • Moisturizing & optimizing

  • Matches any skin tone

  • Combinable with foundation or as a primer

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Art-Nr.: 42735
Content: 1.01fl.oz.
Only a few left | Estimated Delivery Date 12/2/2022

First, let’s make sure that we don’t look over the top using all of the products we own at once. We have carefully selected a few plant-based and cruelty-free lightweight cosmetics that will help you apply your make-up conveniently and flawlessly. Put your trust into neutral colors and weightless feeling products that give you that filtered look in real life!

Go discover our bestselling MAGIC FINISH range full of little beauty treasures.

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The MAGIC FINISH Make-Up Mousse provides a 4-in-1 coverage that’ll speed up your morning routine or keep it light but covered up with our Perfect Blend Concealer.

Alternatively, try our Compact Foundation that’ll mattify and leave your skin looking fresh and flawless. Because who isn’t longing for some high-quality long-lasting make-up essentials?

Top it off with a soft-rosy blush shade on the apples of your cheeks and a warm honey-colored bronzer for a naturally radiant glow and contoured overall look. On a side note: Our Satin Blush Palette includes a large mirror, practical for when you're in a rush and refreshing in between classes! Now it’s time for some drama – not in terms of gossip, but in maximizing your lashes to their fullest! Try our MAGIC FINISH black volumizing mascara and create an eye-catching and dramatic focus on your eye area that your classmates are definitely going to talk about!

For those who are struggling with sparse brows – create some precise lines and fuller-looking brows with just a few strokes of our MAGIC FINISH Brow Pencil. The Eyebrow pencil allows a quick and precise application thanks to its creamy texture that glides on smoothly. And last but not least, we want to try and embrace our sweet kissable lips by using the Volume Lip balm in one of its two shades - for either a peachy or fruity berry vibe. Formulated with rich shea butter, Volume Lip Balm protects and moisturizes the lips for a plumper and fuller-looking appearance with a natural-looking flush of color!

Try our recommended products and see for yourself: They’re guaranteed to turn heads in the hallways. And oh hey…wait a minute! For a quick touch-up session throughout a long day of classes we’ve got our MAGIC FINISH Make-Up Mousse in a smaller, more convenient travel size: Easily throw it into your bag and be prepared to look flawless all day long! Summer break might be over, but our glow is long-lasting and still ongoing – no hallway will stop us from shining!

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