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Resveratrol - How does this age-defying miracle work?

What is Resveratrol?

Resveratrol is a highly effective protective substance that increases the grapes resistance against negative environmental influences. In addition to its effect as an effective antioxidant, it is also an activator of sirtuins, the so-called youth-enzymes. The activation of sirtuins leads to the activation of a number of protective mechanisms in the cells, which keeps the skin looking young. Resveratrol belongs to the polyphenols, the defensive forces of plants. Just like with plants, resveratrol protects the skin with its antioxidant effect. In cosmetics, resveratrol also protects against external stress. The skin's own cell cycle can be protected, thus supporting the natural longevity of the cells. For smooth, radiantly beautiful looking skin with a youthful looking glow.

Resveratrol has the strongest effect among the antioxidants. Antioxidant properties are particularly important in skin care. They protect the skin cells from external influences and free radicals and thus prevent skin damage & unwanted pigmentation. Additionally, they can boost collagen production and make the skin look firmer. So, if you want protection, an age-defying effect and more luminosity, then resveratrol should always be part of your skin care routine!

Resveratrol - Further Information

What is OPC?

Grapes offer multiple valuable active ingredients. OPC (oligomeric proanthocyanidins), which is extracted from grape seeds, also belongs to the polyphenols and has an anti-inflammatory and very strong antioxidant effect (stronger than vitamin C and E). Resveratrol & OPC are a fixed component in products of our RESVERATROL PREMIUM, VINO GOLD and VINOLIFT skin care lines. Many other products in our range also contain resveratrol and other antioxidant vitamins. For more youthful looking skin.

How is it produced?

Resveratrol is found in the skin of grapes, among other things. We extract our Resveratrol from the young shoots of the grapevine, because here it is found in a particularly high concentration. The vine shoots are harvested from January to March, dried, ground, extracted and used in cosmetics.

This is how the valuable anti-aging active ingredient resveratrol is obtained, which is used to combat visible skin aging. By the way, we obtain our Resveratrol from our family-owned production.

Resveratrol Premium NT50

The Resveratrol Premium NT50 line is equipped with the Resveratrol Premium Complex, which ensures the maximum effect of Resveratrol.

Concentrated Resveratrol is delivered to the skin cells by the NT50®-Navigation Technology created exclusively for M. Asam and can effectively activate the skin's youth-enzymes.

Cross-linked hyaluronic acid additionally ensures immediately plumper and smoother looking skin. A patent application has already been filed for our Resveratrol Premium Complex.

Our RESVERATROL PREMIUM NT50 skin care line uses the innovative NT50® encapsulation and navigation technology to deliver resveratrol faster and deeper into the skin, making it more effective for a longer period of time. Various in-vitro studies on fibroblast cell cultures have shown that the combination of encapsulated resveratrol with the navigation technology NT50 developed by M. Asam is a more effective age-defying booster than pure resveratrol.

NT50 is part of the patent pending Resveratrol Premium Complex.

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