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NT50® - Effectivity Maximizer

M. Asam has the worldwide exclusivity of NT50®-Navigation Technology for resveratrol. Our NT50® navigation technology enables resveratrol to be introduced into the specific cells that are responsible for the youthfulness of the skin. Resveratrol must reach these cells precisely in order to unfold its youth-activating and cell-protecting effect.

This active ingredient is contained in our RESVERATROL PREMIUM NT50 skin care line, for a more youthful & radiant appearance. Due to the effectiveness of the NT50® navigation technology, we have developed the Resveratrol Premium Complex especially for our RESVERATROL PREMIUM NT50 skin care line and have applied for a patent. We have compiled the most important facts and special features for you below. Find out more and discover our products.

*Beruht auf Erkenntnissen aus in-vitro-Untersuchungen an Zellkulturen

NT50®- Further Information

Facts - NT50®

  • Exclusive M. Asam NT50®- Navigation Technology, patent pending

  • Innovative encapsulation technology in which resveratrol is navigated to the skin cells by control peptides

  • Proven increase of cell activity by 50 % (hence the name)

*NT50® Resveratrol, In-vitro Study, Infinitec Activos S.L., Dec. 2013

Benefits - NT50®

  • Known to slow down the skin aging process

  • Free radicals are intercepted before they can damage the skin cells

  • Collagen synthesis is supported, for more resistance

  • The appearance of lines & wrinkles is reduced

  • Tired, pale skin regains more luminosity and appears fresh & youthful

Resveratrol Premium NT50

The Resveratrol Premium NT50 line is equipped with the Resveratrol Premium Complex, which ensures the maximum effect of Resveratrol.

Concentrated Resveratrol is delivered to the skin cells by the NT50®-Navigation Technology created exclusively for M. Asam and can effectively activate the skin's youth-enzymes.

Cross-linked hyaluronic acid additionally ensures immediately plumper and smoother looking skin. A patent application has already been filed for our Resveratrol Premium Complex.

Our RESVERATROL PREMIUM NT50 skin care line uses the innovative NT50® encapsulation and navigation technology to deliver resveratrol faster and deeper into the skin, making it more effective for a longer period of time. Various in-vitro studies on fibroblast cell cultures have shown that the combination of encapsulated resveratrol with the navigation technology NT50 developed by M. Asam is a more effective age-defying booster than pure resveratrol.

NT50 is part of the patent pending Resveratrol Premium Complex.

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