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Apricot Kernel Oil - What are the benefits of it?

There are many ways to pamper your skin, whether it be peelings, face masks, the right choice of moisturizer, or going for a facial once in a while – but rule number one always will be: Choose skincare products that contain effective, natural ingredients giving your skin all the benefits it deserves. One of the organic ingredients we choose to combine within our formulas is apricot kernel oil.

An oil that will provide your skin with at least 6 beneficial effects. The fruit is native to the middle east and was also used in traditional Chinese culture. Because it is very light and ideal for sensitive skin, it is sometimes used in baby care as a massage oil. Once you try it, you’ll swear by it!

What dermatologists say

As an oil that comes from the aromatic and supple apricot fruit, it is said to soften and strengthen the skin while being high in omega-3, omega-6, and omega-9 fatty acids. Is it underrated? For sure! Not many people know this, but dermatologists say that it’s one of the best oils that you can apply to your face.

"Apricot kernel oil is rich in vitamin E, K, and antioxidants which are all essential in maintaining healthy skin.”

Let’s get the facts straight! These are only a few of the benefits that come with using products that contain apricot kernel oil:

1. Protects your skin from early signs of aging:

By nourishing the skin the oil reduces the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. Also, dark circles can be brightened or even prevented by it due to the contained linolic acid in apricot kernel oil which aids in skin regeneration. Especially maturing skin types will take great benefits from a daily dose of apricot kernel oil.

2. Gives your skin a radiant glow:

It’s pretty self-explanatory: Being one of the mildest basic oils in skincare apricot kernel oil is ideal for sensitive skin. It absorbs quickly and leaves a gentle shimmer on the skin, without excess shine - providing suppleness and protection.

3. Provides soft texture:

As already mentioned, its lightweight oil contains high amounts of vitamins and essential fatty acids like Omega 9 which soften skin.  The component ‘Linoleic acid’ makes up 25% of the apricot kernel oil, which moisturizes our skin and promotes its regeneration, giving us a nice smoothing effect.

4. Long-lasting hydration:

When struggling with dry and sensitive skin, the best way to solve this issue is to look out for natural formulations to prevent any additional red spots or irritations caused by chemicals. The skin is porous, and the texture of apricot oil ensures it penetrates through the protective surface, lubricating the skin by drawing moisture to the surface and leaving a long-lasting effect. It’s simply a natural remedy for your dry skin.

5. Strengthens skin:

Organic apricot kernel oil is known to strengthen the natural skin protection barrier with its fatty acid spectrum. Important lipids, which form a kind of protective and breathable film on the skin can maintain healthiness and support the barrier function. In addition to that, it increases elasticity, and keeps the skin healthy and strong to fight against external aggressors.

6. Last but not least:

Luckily, apricot kernel oil is full of vitamin A, which protects the skin from harmful UV rays. Meaning it may help protect your skin from UV-induced free radical damage.

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