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The MAGIC FINISH Volume Lip Balm in Berry Red has been selected as this Month's Must-Have! With a little flush of color, it delivers a naturally tinted look! Go ahead and give your lips the plumped-up appearance that they deserve! Topping it off with a fruity blueberry flavor - There's no doubt, it will directly make its way into your heart.

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How to get fuller looking lips?

We've got the answer! Combining rich Shea Butter and Beeswax with Hyaluronic Acid and Vitamin E turned out to be an outstanding formula. The innovative Volulip™ complex, with plant extracts & peptides, is known to increase moisture while decreasing roughness. Going beyond simple hydration it also provides your lips with volume, natural-looking color and care.

M. Asam

MAGIC FINISH Volume & Repair Lip balm

2 Product Reviews
M. Asam

MAGIC FINISH Volume & Repair Lip balm

2 Product Reviews
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Art-Nr.: MFC06
Content: 0.14 oz.
Not available. More is on the way

Subtle pigments add a natural-looking flush of color with a glossy finish and slight blueberry flavor. Creating an absolutely tempting glossy-lip-moment.

All raw materials are carefully selected and strictly tested in regard to quality, origin, and tolerability - NO ANIMAL TESTING is carried out.

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